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Simple Process in a Few Easy Steps

Setting job requirements

1.Define your ideal candidate

Ensure a perfect fit for your job position by setting the level of experience, education, languages, personal & behavioral traits, and more.

Setting matching weights

2. Adjust matching weights

Define what matters most for your job position by adjusting the matching weights according to their level of importance.

Inviting candidates for taking the assessment

3. Send Pleggi assessment

Streamline your assessment process - easily send game assessment invitations to candidates and enjoy a smooth experience.

Matching score

4. See the ranked candidates

See all your assessed job candidates ranked by matching score and confidently decide who is the best fit for an interview.

Get More Than Just a CV

Uncover top talents with Pleggi's advanced job candidates' profiles.

Personality Values

Behavioral & Personality Traits

Job Preferences & Status

Gamified assessment
Light up your Company Brand

Make your employer brand unforgettable with Pleggi's immersive and gamified user experience, leaving a lasting impression on all job applicants.


Bring assessments to life with Pleggi's 3D character interactions that create a new level of a memorable experience.


Bye-bye boring assessments, hello entertaining neuroscience online games tailored to attract the younger generations (Gen Z).


Reward your job applicants with a free CV profile including a report with their behavioral & personality traits.

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