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Find your next junior "A" player. See beyond the standard CV.

Through a neuroscience game-based assessment!

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The Challenge

Why does the pre-selection hiring process fail?

The reasons for subjective and biased decisions.

Broken hiring process


Almost 85% of failed hiring decisions are due to mismatched values, skills, and behavioral traits.


Junior candidates often have identical CVs due to a lack of experience, resulting in a rejection rate of 75-95% based solely on these standardized resumes.


The Result: Your company often misses the opportunity to interview the most suitable junior candidates.

The Solution

A layer of valuable insights on top of the standard CV

Elevate your hiring game with advanced assessment metrics

Game-based assessment

Uncover top talent with Pleggi's behavioral insights and game-based assessments.

Personality and Behavioral traits

Evaluate analytical and creative thinking, focused attention, operational efficiency, multitasking abilities, and more.


Gain insights into candidates' personal values and assess how well they align with your corporate culture.

Game-based assessments example
See beyond the standard CV illustration

See beyond the standard CV

Get proven and actionable insights about job candidates that cannot be found in the standard resume – personal values, cognitive & behavioral traits.

"80% of companies find the additional information provided by Pleggi most impactful for inviting Gen Z candidates to interviews."

Unique Matching Score

Unleash the power of our smart matching algorithms and rank your job candidates with great precision.

100% aligned with your job requirements

Dynamic ranking of candidates

Salary match

Matching score example
New as a transparent background
Unlocking secret talents feature

Unlock Secret Talents

Say goodbye to spending hours of manually searching for top talent, and say hello to the smart and effortless way of finding the perfect fit for your company.

Efficiency Boost

Transform your Hiring Process

Manage your candidates

Effortlessly organize and manage all of your job applicants in a single database.

Reduce your hiring time

Cut your hiring process with Pleggi's automated assessment and candidate matching system.

Cut your costs

No more wasted resources on ineffective recruitment methods or costly agency fees.

Numbers count


years of development


Reduced Time-to-Hire


Candidate Satisfaction Score


Improved quality of hire


Real Stories, Real Results

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