Reveal the potential of every job candidate

Through a set of neuroscience online games!

Challenges for businesses

According to recent reports from Bulgarian and worldwide sources such as "LinkedIn", "PwC" and "Randstadt".  



Define as their main priority - "Reducing bias in pre-selection of candidates". 

"Global Talent Trends 2020" - LinkedIn



Consider that the level of soft skills will be the main selection criteria in the next decade.

"Global Talent Trends 2019" - LinkedIn  



Already started investing in new technologies to optimize their pre-selection process.

"Talent Trends Report 2020" - Randstadt



Find it difficult to recruit talent and staff with the necessary and required skills for the position.

"Bulgarian CEO Survey 2019" - PwC

The current process 

1. Applying for a job

Candidates cannot understand whether their personality profile, competence and skills match with a certain position.  

2. Incomplete information

Candidates' CV can prove the level of their education and experience, but not the level of their soft skills and personality traits.

3. Pre-selection

Tendency for subjectivity in the pre-selection of candidates due to lack of data on their personality profile and skills.

Our vision

1. Game-based assessment 

Candidates go through a set of neuroscience online games that assess their cognitive and personality traits.

2. Behavioral data

Accurate and objective metrics and data on the level of cognitive and personality traits of the candidates.

3. Effective pre-selection

Objective pre-selection of candidates whose profile fully matches with the requirements of each position.

Combination of science and technology


Scientifically proven methodologies for measuring skills, behavioral traits etc.


Scientific field that evaluates brain functions and performance.


Big Data

Large data sets for reliable results, efficiency and great productivity.

Machine Learning

Self-taught models and algorithms that make predictions easier.

Process in a few easy steps


1. Subscription in our platform

Quick, easy and convenient integration in the process of pre-selection of your company and the ability to evaluate all candidates immediately after applying for a job position from any online channel (job board platforms, your company's corporate website, etc.)


2. Assessment of candidates through psychometric games

An effective approach for preliminary assessment of candidates through short psychometric games based on time-validated scientific methodologies. Improved and fun user experience, as opposed to established assessment methods (IQ tests, personality questionnaires, etc.)


3. Pre-selection based on metrics and data

Access to our service that allows quick, convenient and efficient selection of the most suitable candidates, based on a specially developed matching score, according to your pre-set criteria (education, experience, languages, levels of remuneration, soft skills and personal characteristics, etc.) for each open position.


4. Interview invitation for approved candidates

Convenient management of the status of candidates, approval for an interview in a few clicks and the possibility for automated feedback of all unapproved candidates, based on the level of compliance between their profile and the requirements for the given position by the company.

Our path so far

2 June 2018


The best student start-up in Bulgaria - JA Bulgaria "Rising Stars"

Our team managed to qualify for the finals and beat over 11 other student companies, winning the prize - "Best student company in Bulgaria for 2018." In addition, we were awarded with the "Go Digital" award, which company "A1" presents annually to the best and most innovative technological projects.

27 June 2019


Finalist in the competition - "Rinker Youth Challenge 2019"

Initially, our project was selected from nearly 300 participants, united in 94 teams. 130 of the participants - 60 teams - including ours, took part in the "Mixer" - the pre-accelerator of the program. After a new selection, we got into the top 20 of the teams that won a place in the "Accelerator" of the program. In the final we competed with 17 other teams, getting into the shortlist of the best projects of each of the jurors in the competition.

26 June 2020


Strategic partnership agreement with Prometriks

We have officially partnered up into a strategic alliance with Prometriks.
Prometriks is a company with 15+ years of practical experience, specializing in internal evaluation through science-based psychometric tests of organizations and people, based on latest technologies and leading international practices.

22 October 2020


Part of the "BattlePass Studio" portfolio

We have officially become part of the portfolio of Bulgaria's first startup studio - "BattlePass".
BattlePass helps entrepreneurs and start-ups build the right product, optimize their processes, attract necessary funding and achieve sustainable growth over time. Their team is composed of professionals with many years of experience in the fields: marketing, sales, accounting, finance and legalities, technology, software development and more.


Yonko Minev
Product Development
Hristo Cholakov
3D Game Design
Tsvetelin Nikolov
Business Development
Stefan Karabaliev
Back-end Development
Veselin Iliev
Game Development
Denislav Syarov
Front-end Development
Ivo Yordanov
2D Game Design
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