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Photo of Yonko Minev and Tsvetelin Nikolov

From Idea to Mission

Our journey began as a university project, driven by our own struggles as high-achieving students facing challenges in proper screening and evaluation for job opportunities. We felt that the process was not fair and needed to be changed. It took us more than 4 years to build what is now our mission - a platform where individuals can showcase their potential and be judged based on their abilities, not just their CVs.

Our Mindset

The Beliefs and Values That Drive Us

Discover the guiding principles that shape our decisions and actions



We believe in using data and facts to drive decisions, striving for win-win solutions. We evaluate individuals based on their abilities ensuring equal opportunities for all.



Fun is the fuel that helps us to break through barriers. We strive to create enjoyable experiences and believe that passion and playfulness are key ingredients for inspiration.



We believe that collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation. We value teamwork, communication, and learning from feedback to create greater solutions.

Our Team

The magical crew behind the curtains

Yonko Minev photo

Yonko Minev

CEO, Marketing

Tsvetelin Nikolov photo

Tsvetelin Nikolov

Sales, Partnerships

Hristo Cholakov photo

Hristo Cholakov

Web & Game Design

Veselin Iliev photo

Veselin Iliev

Game Development

Stefan Karabaliev photo

Stefan Karabaliev

Software Development

Denislav Syqrov photo

Denislav Syarov

Software Development

Aleksandar Irikov photo

Aleksandar Irikov

Software Development

Ivan Ivanov photo

Ivan Ivanov

Quality Assurance

Scientific Advisory Board

Experts shaping our research and development

Angel Marchev Sr. photo

Angel Marchev Jr.

Assoc. prof. Data Science

Kaloyan Haralampiev photo

Kaloyan Haralampiev

Assoc. prof. Data Science

Boyan Markov photo

Boyan Markov

Data & Machine Learning

Valentina Dolmova photo

Valentina Dolmova

PhD Organization Psychology

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