Privacy Policy

General Information:

Please read carefully everything contained in this document below, relating only and solely to users and visitors to the Site. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation) of the citizens of the European Union. "Plegi" OOD, with EIC: 205945851, with Headquarters and management address: Sofia 1303, Vazrazhdane District, Sredna Gora St. No. 48, 4th floor, apartment 8 (hereinafter referred to as “Pleggi” for short) fully complies with the legal requirements, including but Not only the regulation, the law on the protection of personal data, as well as all related regulations and collects only the personal data necessary for the quality provision of its services. Our privacy policy (statement) is fully transparent. We take the protection of your personal data on the Internet very seriously. With this policy (declaration) for privacy Pleggi presents you with how it protects the personal data it processes in relation to you. Protection Policy on personal data is applicable to all visitors and users of the Pleggi Platform - (referred to as short “Platform” or “Site”) and the personal data provided by them. The platform is proprietary of "Plegi" OOD, like the company is the administrator of all personal data collected through the Platform. In connection with the provided services in The Pleggi Platform processes information about the following data subjects:
(a) natural persons, users of the Site with registration - "Users";
(b) natural persons, users of the Site without registration - "Visitors";
(c) natural persons who have made inquiries (including by calling), requests, signals, complaints or other correspondence addressed to Pleggi;
(d) natural persons, information about which is contained in inquiries (including by calling), requests, signals, complaints or another correspondence addressed to Pleggi.
As if you fall into any of the above groups of persons, this policy (declaration) applies to you if do no, it does not apply to you and perhaps you need to navigate our Site, for which you can, if necessary, contact us Please note that the privacy policy will be regularly updated to reflect this changes in the way we process your personal data and any changes in applicable regulations. This privacy statement (policy) provides an overview of Pleggi's most common activities by processing of your personal data on the Platform, such as any processing of personal data outside of this policy (declaration) will be made only after written consent given by you. Please note that some specific processing activities may be subject to a separate and individual privacy statement. This policy for personal data is applicable only to visitors, users of the Platform and natural persons who have sent inquiries, requests, signals, complaints or other correspondence to Pleggi if Pleggi is required to retain correspondence, which mentions any information in relation to a third party, it will be subject to different rules and should not does not apply to any other third party website and/or services listed on the Platform. Detailed information about the procedures, which we follow in the processing, storage, correction, restriction and deletion of this personal data will be detailed below.

In this policy you may find:

In case of questions you can always contact us by email:

We will endeavor to respond to you within 72 hours unless we are prevented by technical reasons or force majeure circumstances. Pleggi as a personal data controller provides the data subject with information regarding the actions taken in relation to his request under Articles 15-22 (data subject's right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure (right to be forgotten), right to limit processing, obligation to notification when correcting or deleting personal data or limiting processing, right to portability of the data, the right to object and the data subject's right not to be subject to automated collection of individual data decisions, including profiling) of the regulation (GDPR), without undue delay and in any case within a period of one month from receiving the request. If necessary, this period can be extended by another two months, taking into account the complexity and number of requests. Pleggi will inform you of any such extension within one month of receipt on the request, indicating the reasons for the delay. If Pleggi does not act on your request under the foregoing sentences, will notify you without delay and at the latest within one month of receiving the request of the reasons not to also take action on the possibility of filing a complaint with a supervisory authority and seeking legal protection.

Section 1 - Information about the controller of personal data:

Name: "Plegi" OOD;
EIK: 205945851;
Headquarters and management address: Bulgaria, Sofia 1303, Bulgaria, Vazrazhdane district, Sredna Gora St. No. 48, fl. 4, apartment 8,;
Email for correspondence:;
Phone for correspondence: +359 89 420 2086.

Pleggi operates in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons in connection with processing on personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Section 2 - Information about the competent supervisory authority:

Name: Commission for the Protection of Personal Data;
Headquarters and management address: Bulgaria, Sofia 1592, "Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov" No. 2;
Address for correspondence: Bulgaria, Sofia 1592, "Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov" No. 2;
Phone: +359 2 915 3 518;

Section 3 – What personal data we collect about you:

We collect your personal data when you fill out forms on the Platform. This includes information provided under time of registration, completion and modification of the information in your profile to use our Site, to subscribe to ours paid or free services or request additional services. We may ask you for information when report for a problem/s with the Platform, in order to identify you and make sure that you are you. If you contact us by email or other social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram) we may keep a copy of this correspondence. Visitors to the Site can use it for informational purposes without providing personal information and identify to Pleggi when not necessary. However, in the event that you wish to use a product/service for which is you need to be identified and it is necessary to create an account, in order to provide a specific service will not we can provide you with the relevant service without collecting your personal data due to the very nature of our service. The information (your personal and de-identified data) that we collect from you may includes:

Your first name, last name, city where you live/are looking for work, email address, current place of work, phone number, reports for the skills of the User (you) (the results of which are based on tests in the form of online-based computer games), IP address, photos, gender, age, education (completed education/qualification degree, when you are completed your education, whether you are a learner, a student or looking for a job), your chosen internet browser and device, Your language, how many and what foreign languages you speak, number of years of professional experience (labor and/or civil contract), CV (curriculum vitae), certificates, licenses, field/s in which the professional experience was/are acquired, what you want remuneration, professional values, plus any information, details about your visits to our Site. One part from we will collect the information from you during registration, another when filling out on your part voluntarily in various forms c The Platform or otherwise specified in this policy. You decide whether and how to use the Services, provided through the Site. In the forms through which personal data is entered, we clearly indicate the mandatory or the voluntary nature of providing the data. The data, the filling of which is mandatory, are those without which is impossible to provide the relevant service or part of it, due to its nature and purposes. Users can voluntarily provide other personal data without being required by Pleggi and influencing the services, provided through the Platform. We may also request additional information, but only with express permission from Yours party, in case that information is necessary for the performance of a service that you have indicated that you wish to use.

(a) Registration/Account Creation. The use of some of our services is possible only after registration, due to itself their nature and purposes. To create your own account, you need to enter: first name, last name, phone number, email address, photo, login password, gender, age, city where you live/looking for work, education (completed education/qualification degree, when you completed your education, whether you are a learner, student or looking work), user skill reports (for you) (the results of which are based on tests) in the form of online based computer games), professional interests, how many years of professional experience you have (for work and/or civil contract), how many and what foreign languages you know, field(s) in which professional experience was/were acquired, what you want remuneration and professional values. In addition, information about registration is stored and the agreement with this policy (declaration), in order to be able to prove that you agreed (date, time and IP address). As the registration form will clearly indicate which information is mandatory and which - no. Registration takes place in several stages, described in detail in the general conditions for users.

(b) Data stored in your account. Some of the services provided consist of providing on opportunity to create and/or store in your account information such as a photo, resumes (CVs), cover letters and/or other files (including certificates and licenses owned by you), as well as the information provided at registration and accordingly use and send them to Employers (within the meaning of the General Terms and Conditions) at Your discretion, when apply for positions posted by them. You decide for yourself whether and what data relating to you Yes store in your account on the Site and with whom to share them. You are the sole owner of your personal information and you can object to its processing at any time by any way.

We process the personal data and information you provide based on one or more of the following grounds:

Special categories of (sensitive) data:

Pleggi services and the functionalities provided on the Site are not intended for storage and processing of special categories of data within the meaning of Art. 9 and Art. 10 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data and on free movement on such data.

Pleggi has no obligation and does not monitor the availability of the data specified here on the Site. Providing one information is entirely at the risk and responsibility of the person providing it. You should not store any of the above like sensitive data and the documents indicated in the preceding paragraph in your account, as well as to send such data and documents to anyone through the Site.

Section 4 - Why we collect your personal data:

We collect personal data from you to:

Pleggi will evaluate certain personal aspects related to the Users/you by analyzing aspects relating to your professional qualities, but Pleggi will do it based on online based computer games that assess cognitive incentives as well as the data you have agreed to provide on the Platform. This decision-making will be expressed in emailing you suitable job applications, showing Employer compatibility between the position created by them and the Users applied for it, based on weights (tools) in the Platform.

The specific reasons we collect personal data are:

For these purposes, it may be necessary to process some or all of the above categories.

Pleggi collects personal data for the purposes of providing, developing and personalizing the Site. Personal data is required on Pleggi for direct communication with users and visitors to the Site, when providing answers to set from users and visitors questions, as well as fulfillment of their requests. Personal data will be used only with the consent of the visitors and users of the Site and for the purposes of direct marketing through electronic mail, by phone or other social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram), the purpose of which is to conduct study and informing or receiving feedback about inactive previous, current and upcoming products and/or services, but above all providing the Pleggi services which require the submission of certain information, due to its very nature, which becomes more than apparent from the general terms and conditions for users. When an inquiry is sent to the Site, it is possible to have a direct contact with the user or the visitor to receive additional information necessary to process or fulfill a submitted request and/or request. Except in cases where the disclosure of such information to third parties is required by law, the personal data may be disclosed only after the prior express and concrete approval of the visitors and users of the Platform. We guarantee that there is no to collect personal data from you if we do not need it.

Section 5 - How We Collect Personal Data:

Pleggi collects personal data through the following channels and on the following occasions: If you contact us directly, via:

This document describes the policies and procedures governing the collection and processing of information from the aforementioned sources and in particular those through which an individual data subject can be identified and can to be used to contact him. For the purposes of this document, it will be referred to as “Personal data”or “Personal Information”.

Section 6 - How We Protect Your Personal Data:

Pleggi is committed to protecting the personal data of visitors and users on the Platform. We are working hard for to maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal data. Your personal data is they find behind secure networks and are accessible only to a limited number of individuals who have special rights to access our systems and are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data. In addition, any personal data you provide is gone process of pseudonymization (encryption), through "hedging" and "encryption" technology. However, we reverse specially attention that there are also risks in the provision of personal data, regardless of whether this data is given personally, under telephone, internet or other media. To date, there is no system or technology that is completely safe and protected from "hackers". Pleggi has made the necessary reasonable best efforts and provided for appropriate measures to prevent and minimizing the risks of unauthorized access, improper use and inaccuracies of personal data.

Our Site is regularly scanned for security holes and known vulnerabilities to make your visit possible safest. We use SSL to protect communications between you and the Platform. We protect access tokens, used from the Platform that could contain information sufficient to impersonate you with public-key cryptography a key with a sufficiently long length, guaranteeing maximum security and unreadability at least in the nearest 10 years.

Pleggi uses Services LLC ( (as colocation centers, where servers, network equipment, etc. are located). Pleggi warrants that Services LLC undertakes similar or at least the same level of defenses that Pleggi undertakes. Services LLC solely stores and protects additionally on servers Pleggi's data, not having access to your personal data on any legal basis. For more information about protections his you can look them up on their web page or contact us at the given contact email.

Section 7 - The storage and processing of personal data:

Pleggi does not buy personal data from intermediaries and other similar companies, nor does it sell personal data to visitors and your users. Pleggi makes decisions to send you an e-mail message about job applications suitable for you, display the compatibility of the Employers between the position they created and the Users who applied for it, based on encumbrances (tools), as well as the data that Users have given about themselves on the Platform, such as name, last name, education, place of residence, desired salary, etc. Based on the above data, Pleggi will send you report if you are not approved, in which you will be able to familiarize yourself with why you are not approved, as well as guidance on how and in which sphere/s you can improve your skills. This will be done through an automated system based on artificial intelligence. The needs are not subject to decisions based solely on automated decision-making (incl profiling), the Platform is a technical solution that aims to facilitate recruitment selection, but contact between It is entirely up to the User and the Employer, as well as how their future relationship will proceed. By accepting this one policy The user agrees to what is stated in this paragraph. Pleggi on its own initiative (as far as it is informed about changes, incompleteness and inaccuracies in personal data, who processes) or at the request of users and visitors to the Site will complete, edit or delete any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal information stored in connection with the operation of the Site. According to current legislation, persons under the age of 14 cannot send information (classified as personal data), through the Site. The collection of such personal data requires prior consent of a parent or guardian submission of personal data, as required by law, but Pleggi does not collect such personal data. Pleggi collects personal data only on persons over 14 years of age. To prove that individuals are over the age of 14, Pleggi asks each user, before to register "How old are you?", to prove your age we also use Google Analytics.

The principles that guide us when working with personal data are:

Section 8 – For What we keep them for:

In order to provide maximally adequate services and fulfill its obligations to the National Agency for income, Ministry of the Interior and other state and municipal bodies and to you, we store your personal data for period - up to 1 (one) year after ceasing to maintain your account in our system or for a period not longer than legally required (whichever is longer unless the law sets a maximum) unless you delete yourself or you stated wish to delete personal information about you. Data related to correspondence between you and Pleggi is kept for a period from 6 months from the termination of the last communication. In the event of a legal dispute or proceeding requiring data retention and/or a request from a competent state authority, it is possible to retain data for longer than the specified periods until the final completion of the arising a dispute or proceedings before all instances. The specified deadlines may be changed in case it is established different information retention requirement under applicable law.

Section 9 - Data Subject Rights:

You may exercise any of the above rights by contacting us at We may ask you to verify your identity in order to verify a match to the person who wishes to exercise any right and the person who is the holder of the relevant personal data.

What are Pleggi's rights:

Pleggi reserves the right to change, modify, amend the Platform at any time, such as for material changes will notify users and visitors to the Platform by e-mail and/or placing in an appropriate place on the Platform of notice (as applicable). Pleggi may also deny access to the Site or its content without advance notice if you refuse to accept this privacy policy because without the information that we require from you, the Platform will not be able to perform the functions for which it was created.

Section 10 - With whom and why we share your personal data:

The personal data you provide will be provided to third parties (only referred to as Employers and the authorized physical lick of them to operate in the Platform, according to the general conditions), and only a part (name, surname, gender, age, professional qualification, results of online based computer games, photos, your language, how many and what foreign ones languages you speak, phone number, city where you live/ looking for work, education (completed education/qualification degree, when you completed your education, whether you are a learner, student or looking for work ), years of professional experience (under an employment and/or civil contract), in what field/s is your experience and what is expected of you remuneration) from them only for the purpose of the quality performance of the services it offers, namely the provision of software product for the purpose of future recruitment and performance calibration of online based computer games. Like users agree and choose for themselves to whom these personal data will be disclosed by sending links screenshots or any other means of connection provided through the Platform. Users may also disclose others data, but this is at their discretion and their responsibility.

Section 11 - How you can get full information about what personal data we hold about you:

Information about the personal data we hold about you and the exercise of any other right hereunder politics you can get by email:

Section 12 – How you can ask us to forget you – delete any personal data we hold about you and which we don't have obligation to protect under applicable law:

You can request all or part of the personal data related to you to be deleted (to be forgotten) by email :

Information about third parties may be published on the Platform, which may contain links to others electronic pages (Third-party electronic pages). If you choose to visit any of these pages, such as use the links published on the Platform, you will be redirected to the page of the relevant third party country. Regardless of the fact that the link to the given electronic page is published on the Site, you reach the page by clicking on a link from the Site and/or offer you the opportunity to interact with the third party, that by none manner does not express Pleggi's affiliation with the given third party. Accordingly, it should not be regarded as agreement to their privacy and information security policies and practices, for which Pleggi is not responsible for Your or the third party's actions in your relationship. By accepting this policy, you agree to everything in it. If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be able to use the Platform to its full potential. The changes in this policy will be posted here, at an appropriate place on the Platform, and you will also be sent an email that is possible and applicable. The changes take effect from the moment you agree to them.

The current Pleggi data privacy policy (declaration) was published on 20.01.2022. and it's last updated on 09.12.2022.