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General Terms of Use for HR Platform

The General Conditions for HR Platform (hereinafter referred to as "General Conditions") for a service consisting in the administration of profiles, providing selection tools, and you will decide which tools to use and how (total hereinafter referred to as "Services", and if only one is selected, referred to as "Service"). Each of the tools on the Platform will be paid, and there will be a standard 14-day free trial period, if the free trial period is different (shorter, longer, or none at all) than stated, you will be notified prior to your registration. The Platform will clearly indicate the use of which tool, how much it costs and for what period. The services will used only by persons registered on the platform: (referred to as the "Platform"). Terms of use arrange the relationship between "Plegi" OOD, with EIC: 205945851, with headquarters and management address: Sofia, Bulgaria, 1303, Vazrazhdane district, "Sredna Gora" St. No. 48, floor 4, apartment 8 (hereinafter referred to as "Supplier") and the physical ones and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as "Employer") registered as Employers in the Platform and users the Provider's tools in the Selection Platform. The general conditions bind the Supplier and the Employer from the moment of their acceptance by the Employer in the Platform until the moment of their termination by mutual agreement, through unilaterally declaration of will from one party to the other or in any other lawful manner. Please read this document carefully and in detail if you wish to use the Service/s through the Platform is required to accept these General Terms and Conditions. They contain the Terms for access to the Platform and for its use (the "Terms"). If you do not accept the Terms stated here, you may not use the Platform. The use on Services without registration will not be possible.

1. Subject and Scope of Services

1.1. Through the Services, the Provider provides the Employer with remote access to the 24 Platform hours at around the clock, 7 days a week. The Employer is provided with opportunities to perform the following operations: - Ability to create criteria for positions, as the Employer himself will create the criteria for a given position, like only uses the tools on the Platform. The employer will determine the weight of each criteria. At creation on position, the Platform will automatically generate a link that can be used outside the Platform, through it will can to access information related to the position created by the Employer and information about the Employer, the representatives him, the contact persons, as well as for an overall assessment of the User's skills and information such as a resume; - Ability to see all users who have applied, rejected or approved for positions created by them; - Possibility to change the information entered in the own profile - addition, amendment or removal of information; - Ability to monitor the activity of its Representatives on the Platform. In connection with the performance of the Services, the Provider will carry out the following operations: Administration of Employer profiles, user tests (online based computer games), evaluation on test results (online based computer games), providing access to selection tools, generation of positions according to the criteria set by the Employer (type and weight of the criterion), through the tools in the Platform.

1.2. The employer has the right to generate paid research reports only if it has the necessary means of the account on the Platform or has this right on a contractual or other legal basis, for example on an invoice. The employer may uses the paid instruments only if there are funds on the account in the Platform or due the specified price on another basis.

2. Activation of the Service

2.1. The services may be used by the Employer only after registration on the Platform. The registration of employer's account is made by an able-bodied person who is authorized to represent the Employer, including accepting these Terms and to perform actions related to the use and management of the Employer account on behalf of The Employer. In case you create a registration, you declare that you meet the specified conditions and the completed by you information, identifying you and the Employer is complete and accurate.

2.2. The employer has the opportunity to add additional persons - company users ("Representatives"/"Representatives of Employer”) with access to their account. Each of these persons is required to agree to these general terms and conditions before use of the Services. The addition of additional persons - company users and the determination of their rights in The platform is carried out by the person who created the registration and/or other previously added company users with the necessary rights for this. By adding an additional person - company user, you declare that you are authorized from The employer for this.

2.2. Registration for the use of the Services is carried out independently by the Employer, after receipt request for registration by the Employer addressed to the Supplier.

2.3. When registering, the Employer is required to provide the following information: company (mandatory), EIK/BULSTAT (mandatory) name and surname of the person authorized to use the profile (mandatory), the Employer can register several such persons, gender (optional), age (optional), position/in what capacity is the Employer's Representative (mandatory), Employer's telephone number and The representative (mandatory) and email address of the Employer and Representative (mandatory), access password (mandatory), number of the Employer's employees (mandatory).

2.4. The employer should declare that he is familiar with, accepts and will strictly comply with the provisions of the General conditions and the privacy and cookie policy for employers and the personal data processing agreement.

2.5. The Employer undertakes to inform the Supplier immediately of any changes in the legal status, representative their authority and the powers and data of the persons authorized to have access to the use of the Platform and to carry out operations, as well as for all other events related to the normal use of the Services.

2.6. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the Employer agrees to be the addressee and to receive electronic statements from The Provider in connection with the Services and the Platform.

2.7. In connection with its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation ("Regulation (EU) 2016/679") The Employer undertakes to fill in a contact for a connection on the part of the Users (according to the general conditions for users, referred to as "Users") on matters related to the protection of their personal data. Because such questions they can Yes arise at any time, the Employer undertakes to keep the contact current at all times. This contact together with the data identifying the Employer is published publicly on the Platform.

2.8. The Employer and each of its Representatives undertake to provide true, complete and current data during registration and with each use of the Services and to maintain them as such. In case of inaccuracy in the data, you must remove it immediately and you are not allowed to use the Services until it is removed.

3. Identification. Access rights

3.1. Electronic identification when using the Services is provided through the simultaneous input personal username and password.

3.2. The employer should not disclose his username and password to third parties, if he do it that will be it at his own risk.

3.3. The employer bears personal responsibility for protecting and storing the user's personal information in a safe place name and the password for access.

3.4. In addition to the data filled in during registration, the Provider reserves the right to demand the performance on additional documents, including signed (handwritten or electronic signature), for additional identification on The Employer and/or Representatives upon account activation or at any time thereafter upon the occurrence of doubts for the accuracy and completeness of the data provided.

3.5. You are responsible for all actions performed through your account using your username name and password for access to it. You undertake to immediately notify the Provider in the event of unauthorized access or probability for such.

4. Use of the Services. Rights and obligations.

4.1. Employer has access to the Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in cases of problem caused for reasons beyond the Provider's control, or for technical reasons or malfunctions that are beyond the control of The supplier or extraordinary circumstances, such as natural disasters, nationwide strikes and other similar force majeure circumstances. In these cases, the Supplier is not responsible for non-fulfillment of its obligations hereunder General conditions.

4.2. Data received by the Provider electronically have the force of valid and binding written declarations of will of The employer. The responsibility that the data was not sent by the Employer, did not correspond to his true will or Yes are incomplete, wrong and/or untrue is borne entirely by the Employer, and the Supplier is not responsible for the this damages or lost profits.

4.3. When using the Services by the Employer, the Provider does not monitor the legality of the actions on The employer, unless otherwise provided in the current Bulgarian legislation.

4.4. When using the Platform, the Employer undertakes to comply with the General Regulation on protection on the data (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), the Bulgarian legislation and policy for the protection of personal data and cookies and the Supplier's personal data processing agreement.

4.5. The employer undertakes not to disturb the normal operation of technical or software applications and computer systems of the Provider or the other Employers in the Platform through bad faith actions.

4.6. By pressing the "Registration" button, the person representing the Employer performs electronically statement, p which the Employer and the Representative enter into a contract with the Supplier under these Terms (“Agreement”), subject to approval from Supplier and undertake to comply with them. The information entered in the registration form can be changed to pressing the "Register" button.

4.7. The contract is considered concluded from the moment of approval by the Supplier under 2.3. sentence last of these general terms.

4.8. For the use of each paid part of the Services, a specific request is made on the basis of conclusions at these Terms of contract. None of the paid services on the Platform are automatically renewed.

4.9. By accepting these Terms, you agree to be the addressee and receive electronic statements from The supplier in connection with this Agreement and the Services on the Platform.

5. Disclosure of Information

5.1. You undertake to use the Platform in accordance with these Terms, the additional ones conditions and instructions applicable to the individual parts of the Service/s published on the relevant pages on the Platform, and the active Bulgarian legislation.

5.2. Ads may not be used to promote business opportunities, partnerships, products, services or sites, requirements for joining social media pages, registrations, participation in games, pyramid schemes, etc. You everything you agree that Users are not required in any form to purchase training or otherwise services.

5.3. You warrant that you have the right to use any content you post on the Platform. IN case that this is not, you shall be liable for any damages arising therefrom to the Provider or to third parties.

5.4. You give the right to the Provider to make available (both for Bulgaria and outside Bulgaria) published by you data and other public content, as this is for the purpose of providing the Services/s, and the Provider does not owe remuneration for this, beyond what has already been paid for using the tools provided.

5.5. By posting content on the Platform, you grant users the right to perform access next to him and to use it according to the general conditions for users and according to the law.

5.6. Provider reserves the right to refuse, suspend or terminate provision of part or the whole Service/s:

(a) in case of unfair behavior on the part of the Employer;

(b) when establishing the performance of activities similar to those performed through this Platform;

(c) in case of suspected violation of these Terms or the law;

(d) for amounts due not paid on time and/or in full.

5.7. In order to ensure the reliability and security of the Services, the Provider reserves the right to seek assistance from the competent authorities in case of gross violations of these Terms.

6. Use of the Content

6.1. The Platform and its content are the sole property of the Provider. You may not use the whatever even if it is way, to copy, modify or distribute content that does not belong to you, without express permission in advance written consent of the Supplier.

6.2. Published contacts of Employers and their Representatives can only be used by purpose.

7. Financial Terms

7.1. The prices of the paid Services are automatically calculated depending on the selected parameters and according to the prices and payment terms published on the Platform at the time of requesting the Services with all of them individualizations.

7.2. Financial conditions and prices can be changed unilaterally by the Supplier. No such changes affect the conditions for the provision of Services already requested and confirmed by the Provider.

7.3. Payment for the Services is carried out in one of the ways specified in the Platform accordingly the specified for that deadlines. All invoices and other financial documents are available in the Employer's account on the Platform. The employer undertakes to monitor and comply with the deadlines for payment of the issued documents.

7.4. After confirmation of an order for Services on the Platform, it cannot be canceled by side of The employer. In these cases, payment of the price for the requested Service/s is due in full and amounts paid I don't restore.

7.5. If the payment deadline is overdue, access to the Services in the Platform will be restricted.

7.6. All prices indicated on this Platform will be exclusive of VAT.

8. Blocking the right to access. Notifications.

8.1. In case of delay or non-payment of sums owed by you for Services/s, the Provider has the right:

(a) restrict your access to the Service(s);

(b) to terminate the Agreement and Your Account.

8.2. The provider may block your account if:

(a) suspected violation of the law, these Terms or other terms provided for in the Platform;

(b) upon your request.

8.3. Provider may terminate this Agreement and Your Account:

with a notice in the event of termination of the Platform's activity sent to an email address specified by You for contact;

(c) in other cases provided for in the Terms or the law. 8.4 The supplier is not responsible for damages suffered and lost profits by you or by third parties as a result of on execution of the orders of the competent state authorities.

8.5. Except for intent or gross negligence, the Provider is not liable for damages and lost profits, occurred:

(a) as a result of use or inability to use the Platform and/or Services;

(b) due to restriction, termination or blocking of your account and/or your content in compliance with the current ones Conditions.

8.6. In all cases, the responsibility of the Provider in relation to the Service/s provided on the Platform is limited to the amount of the price paid by you for the specific Service/s, unless otherwise provided by law legislation. The written notification or blocking request should be sent to the email address:

8.7. The Provider is not responsible for damages caused by the use of the Services, in the event that it is in good faith acted on the performance of the Services before being notified in writing by him of destruction, loss, illegal withdrawal, tampering or misuse of username and password resulting in illegally use of the Service/s.

8.8. The Provider blocks the Employer's access if the Employer violates the Services/a in violation of the Law on the copyright and its related rights (ZASP), namely when:

(a) Copy in any way the content of the Platform;

(b) Distributes copied content on the Platform;

(c) Transmits the content of the Platform in any way;

(d) Translate all and/or parts of the Platform;

(e) Modify and/or redesign the Platform. The above does not exhaust the violations of the ZAPSP, which may be grounds for blocking access to the Platform.

8.9. The Provider blocks the Employer - alleged infringer's access to the Services and to the Platform at suspicions for violating these General Terms and Conditions and Bulgarian legislation.

8.10. In order to guarantee the reliability and security of the Platform, the Provider reserves the right to search assistance by the competent authorities in case of gross violations of these General Terms and Conditions.

9. Maintenance of the Services

9.1. The employer must ensure that the use of the Services is carried out only by authorized persons for this persons. The provider is not responsible if third parties learn of the username and password and their consequences illegally use, as well as is not responsible for the illegal actions of third parties, with which they have damaged the User through use of the Service/s.

9.2. Employer has no right to copy and/or modify the software product or parts of it modify according to which and be a way and try to eliminate his defense.

9.3. In case of forgotten password and/or username, as well as in case of suspected unauthorized access access to the password, the Employer may use a special function button to send an email to the Employer's email address to enable the creation of a new password 10. Termination of use of the Services

10.1. Use of the Services may be terminated at any time by mutual agreement between the parties or unilaterally by either party upon written notice to the other party, provided that the parties do not have outstanding debts to each other.

10.2. The Provider may terminate the use of the Services unilaterally in the following cases:

(a) The Employer systematically violates its obligations under these General Terms and Conditions;

(b) The Employer has filed for bankruptcy proceedings or against the Employer with decision of bankruptcy proceedings have been opened before the competent court;

(c) termination and liquidation of the Employer.

10.3. When terminating the use of the Services, the Provider deletes from the Platform all data entered from The employer related to him. In relation to all obligations, responsibilities and requirements of the law towards the Supplier for a period of up to 1 (one) year after stop maintaining your account in our system are stored for the purpose of resolving possible disputes, occurred or became known after the termination of the use of the Services. The data is completely deleted after the expiration of the specified period. Meanwhile, the same can be provided only and solely in accordance with the proper procedure of the competent state authorities in the exercise of their control powers or on competent court in the event of legal proceedings arising in which they are concerned. In the event of an occurred legal a dispute or proceeding requiring data retention and/or a request by a competent government authority is possible saving on data for longer than the specified terms until the final conclusion of the dispute or proceeding before all instances.

10.4. Before terminating the use of the Services, the Employer has the opportunity to download and store all introduced data from it. 11. Processing of personal data Issues related to the processing of personal data in connection with the provision of the Services are governed by the Policy for Protection of personal data and cookies the agreement on the processing of personal data for Employers. 12. Other Terms

12.1. In case of changes and addition of new functionalities to the Services, the Employer will be notified via message of prominently displayed in the Platform or a message to the email address of the Employer.

12.2. For issues not settled by these General Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the current Bulgarian law shall apply legislation.

12.3. All disputes between the parties shall be resolved by mutual agreement, and if such no be achieved, will be resolved by the competent Bulgarian court.

For all questions regarding these general terms and conditions, Employers may contact the Provider at:

Effective date: 12/20/2020

Last modified: 12/12/2022